Menu Plan Monday 2/7/11

Woops!  Last week, I wrote and published my Menu Plan Monday on Sunday night, but I was so busy Monday morning getting ready for work that I forgot to bring it up on the computer so my husband could submit it to Organizing Junkie.  So it was published that evening. For those of you who might have missed my Salmon Patties recipe and you happen to really like them, here’s my Salmon Patties recipe again.  This is one of our favorite recipes that I fix two or three times a month.

Monday:  Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

Tuesday:  Leftover rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli florets

Wednesday:  Cream of chicken & veggie soup made with the rest of the rotisserie chicken (I never made it last week)

Thursday:  Salmon patties, green beans, carrots

Friday:  DiGiorno “Crispy Flatbread Tuscan Style Chicken Pizza” (with spinach on it)


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 2/7/11

  1. This week I’ll keep it simple: rotisserie chicken – made by me, potato + chicken casserole and some banana + chocolate cake.

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