Computer Age

My whole family is geared toward working with technology.  Our son, who is a sophomore in college, is majoring in Information Technology with an emphasis in web design.  He has a knack for doing that type of work.

My husband is actually the first one who got us started using computers back in the 1980’s when he purchased a Tandy 1000 computer.  Our daughter, who was four at the time, loved to play computer games and write stories on “Alphabet Zoo.”  It comes as no surprise that she is now a multimedia producer and uses a photo editor to help produce her work.  Having used photo editing programs in college, this type of work is something she enjoys.

Now as for myself, I’m the one in our family who was last to get on board with technology.  About eleven years ago, I discovered the convenience of emailing when our daughter went off to college.  That spread to doing searches for information, and eventually led to blogging and running two websites (with help from our two kids). With this being the computer age, it’s a good thing that all of us are comfortable with and enjoy using the computer.

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