Some day, I would love to have a garden again, even a small garden.  While I was growing up, my parents raised a large garden every year.  They grew so much produce that they would give some away to friends just about every week.  When my husband and I were first married, I had a small garden where the tomato vines were the best producers.  Since then, I tried doing container gardening a few years ago, but I became frustrated because many mornings I could see bites taken out of my green tomatoes while they were still on the vines.

I entertained the idea of a greenhouse, but then there’s still the problem of pests.  I’ve read a little bit about hydroponics and a tiny bit about aeroponics.  If I were to start a garden again, I might be interested in something like that.  That way, I wouldn’t be bothered by hungry animals taking bites out of my plants and pests would be greatly reduced.

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