Music & Porcelain Boxes

When I was growing up, I really enjoyed music boxes.  I had two beautiful ones that were gifts.  One of my favorites was musical ballerina jewelry box that was given to me by my daddy.  Several years ago, I bought a music box that had violins on the top because my husband plays the violin and that made the box special to me.  Musical boxes have long been a fascinating collector’s item, entertaining young and old alike.  There’s something about a beautiful and ornate little box producing such a pretty sound that attracts people to collect them.

Limoges Porceleain Boxes are another collector’s item that come from a French tradition that is several centuries old.  They were first collected by French nobility and now are collected by people everywhere who enjoy their beautiful design.  Some are traditional in design and some are whimsical. They are delicate, however, and need to be handled carefully.


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  1. I had a couple as well. When the girls were little we collected musical snow globes from Disney. They are so precious to me that they sit on shelves in my dining room till the girls want to take them.

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