Russian Nesting Dolls

When I was growing up, I thought Russian nesting dolls were fascinating, and I still think they are intriguing.  They are also called Matryoshka dolls, with the literal meaning of “Matryoshka” being “little matron.”  Sets consist of a wooden figure which has a smaller figure nested inside of it, and that figure has an even smaller figure inside of it, and so on.  The traditional number of figures in a set is usually five, and the innermost doll is sometimes a baby.  The dolls often follow a certain theme which can be  Christmas or holiday dolls.

I think it’s interesting that the very first nesting doll set was carved in Russia in 1890.  These dolls have been popular for over one hundred and twenty years.  Maybe it’s the element of surprise that makes them fascinating by opening up each doll to see what is nested inside of it.

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  1. Growing up had friends that would go to Germany every so often as the Mother/wife was from there and married a soldier coming to the states as a young bride. Their daughter, Tina, had the coolest toys, mostly from Germany. Her dolls and stuffed animals were the BEST! I remember her having the little nesting dolls as well. And she had more than one set & they fascinated me too.
    Charla~ thank you so much for your kind words. I heard myself repeat, “The joy of the Lord is my strength” several times last night. I also added the Audio Bible to my phone so I can go through the Bible in a year. What a perfect way to end the day, listening to these words. Finance, empty-nesting, losing my job, the economy in general, are the majority of my depression. I get strong, then get knocked down. My loving family, a great therapist, Lexapro & sometimes Xanax, and my Faith keep me going. I know I couldnt have gotten help without having strong faith.
    I try not to write the Bad too often in my Blog. I have a wonderful Blogging friend that worries writing about it in my blog keeps me in that dark place, but actually it helps to write & I am very careful what I write (especially because my 22 daughter is a follower).
    Thank you again~ Love In Christ~ your Blogging Friend in Indiana

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