Fresh Fruit & Angel Food Cake

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, I thought it would be good to post one of our family’s favorite cakes for birthdays and special occasions.  (A dear family member would always request this for her birthday.)  So here’s the recipe again in an easier to read version:

  • Angel Food Cake ( I buy a round cake, or to make a rectangular cake as pictured then I buy 3 Angel Food Bar Cakes.  If you can’t find the smaller rectangular angel food cakes, you can cut up a round cake and still make it look like a rectangular shaped cake when finished.)
  • Cool Whip, largest size
  • Fresh fruit such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, & kiwi


One thing about this cake is that if you leave the cake whole and don’t pre-cut it, it’s very hard to serve without making a mess of the piece you’re trying to cut.  That is why I started pre-cutting the cake into individual pieces, placing all the pieces side-by-side on the cake plate, and then “icing” the cake pieces with Cool Whip to make it look like one whole cake.

Once this is done, you can decorate the top of the cake with your favorite berries and kiwi once they have been well washed and dried.  (Note:  Bananas are not good to use because they turn brown.)  Here is another picture of the top of the cake:

2 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit & Angel Food Cake

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  2. This looks very wonderful in all of the five senses, I will try to make it at an upcoming party. Thank you for posting this, great picture of the cake too!

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