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I have been blogging for a little over four years now and have learned so much in those years.  I have a good content management system right now, but who knows what I’ll need in five years.  I must admit it’s great having family members who are tech savvy because they have helped me a lot.  But it may not always be convenient time-wise for them to help me in the future, and so a great CMS is something I’m glad to have.

What would be nice to have would be a site search engine to enable me to help visitors to my site find what they’re looking for on their first visit.  I feel like so many older posts get buried and most people don’t realize they’re on the site.  Seems like it would be efficient to have a complete index of my most relevant posts.

I would really like to have online marketing tools that would integrate data from various sources such as the web, social media, and mobile interactions.  I have some info, but it would be so much more effective to have more extensive data and to have it all integrated.

*Note: I was compensated monetarily for this article. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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