Our Mobile Home

Years ago (I won’t tell you how many), when my husband and I had been married only a year, we decided to buy a brand new mobile home. It was nice to have a place of our very own instead of renting from somebody else.  It was also a nice place to live.  The two bedroom home had brand new, name brand, quality appliances which included a heavy duty washer and dryer that lasted many years.  For the most part, we used our own furniture which included our own bedroom suite.

We lived in our home for several years, until our daughter was two, and we enjoyed living there.  Storage was plentiful for a mobile home.  My favorite parts were a built in double china cabinet and the abundance of cabinets in the kitchen. And the washer and dryer!

The park where we lived was nice, had an excellent storm cellar, and we actually only had to use the cellar once.  The lots were nice and pretty with trees on every lot.  Like I mentioned, we enjoyed living there and it would be nice to have a mobile home again, this time as a cute, cozy weekend getaway in some beautiful location.

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