Menu Plan Monday 9-5-11

Love these three day weekends!  And I also love my special needs students who I teach, and I feel so blessed to be their teacher.  But…it is a very tiring job and I’m very thankful to have three days to rest up!  It’s going to be a long stretch between now and the Thanksgiving holidays!  I think I voice the opinion of most teachers.  🙂  With that said, here’s our menu for this week:
Monday:   Eat at Qdoba – use Labor Day coupon for “Buy one entree, get one free”  Yay!!  We really like Qdoba’s food. (Wish our kids could all be here to eat with us!  They really like Qdoba, too, and their salad and chicken would fit in with Christi’s Freshology meals.)

Tuesday:  Sauteed yellow squash with fresh mushrooms & green beans (cooked in olive oil with salt & pepper and garlic powder), chicken (note the veggies have top priority)

Wednesday: Chef Salad with fresh veggies and turkey

Thursday: Salmon Patties, corn, green beans

Friday: Pizza, salad

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