The Struggle of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a struggle for so many people. I want to lose ten pounds, but right now I’m having a hard time eating as healthy as I want to. It’s not like I need apidexin or any type of diet pill, but I do need to cut out the sweets we’ve been having the past week while celebrating my husband’s birthday. And I need to exercise more which is hard to fit in with a busy beginning of school schedule.
Here’s part of my problem. My husband received a birthday coupon from Cold Stone Creamery, and we discovered their “Founder’s Favorite Signature Creation.” That was so delicious! Then I got an email coupon from them to celebrate the Labor Day holiday weekend: “Buy One, Get One Free.” Guess where we went last night. You’re right!

I am not going to lose ten pounds if we keep going to get ice cream, which we honestly rarely do. With my husband’s birthday past and one birthday left to celebrate the end of this month (our daughter’s), I hope I can stay off most sweets…until the Thanksgiving holidays get here anyway.
One good thing about our daughter’s birthday is that she has been sticking to healthy eating for the past month while reviewing Freshology meals on her blog (Frugal Novice). And she’s going to be doing it (Freshology meals) for one more month. So, I’m thinking about maybe an angel food birthday cake for her birthday, topped with low-fat frozen yogurt plus fresh fruit to decorate the top of the cake.

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  1. There are so many temptations! Ice cream is my downfall. I love it.
    I saw your picture in a comment you made on Stacy Uncorked. You are so pretty!

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