Utah Real Estate

Our son visited Utah year before last when he went with his college roommate to visit his family over Spring Break.  They drove the whole way, from the north Texas area, through Colorado and the southern part of Wyoming, and then on into Salt Lake City.  Our son would take pictures with his iPhone and then we would get to see them via Facebook.  That area of Utah is absolutely beautiful.  It would be a nice place to have a vacation home.

Utah is west of Colorado, and although we visited Colorado many times while I was growing up and on into my adult years, we didn’t travel into Utah except for one brief time when I was little.  So I didn’t realize what breath-taking scenery is in that area.  I can see why people look for real estate there.   There are a lot of hiking and bike trails, ski resorts, water recreation, golf courses, and much more.  All of this is offered in the beautiful mountain surroundings. I can see why the Winter Olympics were held in Park City, Utah, back in 2002.


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