Laura Story Wins Grammy Award

I loved the song, “Blessings,” the first time I heard it.  Apparently, people all over the world love this song, too, even in Japan after their last tsunami.   It’s only fitting that Laura Story received a Grammy Award for the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Song.”  Laura says that they “pray that any attention the song ‘Blessings’ receives will be used by God to bring hope to others who are walking hard roads. May God’s faithfulness be seen in this above all things.”

By the way, Laura and her husband are expecting their first child later this year.  That is exciting news, especially after all they’ve been through.  You can listen to the song and read the “Story Behind the Song, Blessings” to find out about this.

If you’d like to know even more, you can read the “Story Behind the Song, Indescribable” which was written by Laura Story and made famous by Chris Tomlin, and you can also hear Laura’s new song being played on the radio.

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