In Memory of My Daddy

My daddy’s birthday would have been this month, but he died when our son was only two years ago.   Our daughter was twelve, and I’m so glad he got to see her grow up some.  He was crazy about both of his grandchildren and loved them very much.

He was proud of Christi, his first grandchild.  When she was little, she would crawl up in his lap and share whatever he was snacking on at the time.   He was also proud of his grandson.  I remember when our son was a baby, he came up to where my daddy was sitting and talked to him in baby jibberish as if he knew exactly what he was saying.  I remember my daddy saying, “How precious!”  I wish he could see the wonderful young man our son has become and that he could see the wonderful wife/mom our daughter has become and see his adorable great-grandsons and the baby due in September.

After all these many years, I still miss Daddy.  He was a true gentleman.  So, this song  is for him.


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  1. What a sweet post! My Mom passed away in 1997, three weeks before my oldest son’s 1st birthday. Fortunately my Dad is still with us and loves any time he can spend with our kids. Thanks for sharing!

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