Menu Plan Monday 3/19/12

Spring Break was wonderful!  Teachers where I teach were counting the hours until Spring Break began.  We all needed a break, students included.  Now, I feel more refreshed and ready to go back and tackle all the state testing that has to be done.

We had a wonderful week with our son home from college.  We did a lot of chilling out, enjoyed having our son’s girlfriend come visit for a day, went to an awesome concert,  watched a few good TV shows, ate at a new restaurant, got take-out at another new small restaurant not far from where we live, traveled to visit my aunt and uncle, ate cookies at a famous bakery located in a really cool historical building, ate Braum’s yummy Frozen Yogurt – Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate, and enjoyed some Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake from Central Market.  Hmmm, do you notice how much of the “chilling out” involved food?  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I made banana pudding for when one of our son’s friends from high school came to eat with us.  So, this week will definitely incorporate a lot of healthy salads!

Monday:  Salad with veggies and “turkey bacon”  (we really like this a lot)
Tuesday:  Chicken enchiladas

Wednesday:  Leftover chicken enchiladas

Thursday:  Salad with “turkey bacon

Friday:   Fish fillets, fresh veggies, salad

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  1. So glad that you enjoyed your break. I work in a school that has year round preschool so our office was open and I did work….but I got a lot done since K-10 were away for the week. 🙂

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