Single Cup Coffee Brewers

There’s something about the smell of coffee in the morning that smells extra good.  I don’t know what it is, but that smell also signals that it’s time to get up and going.  If you’re the only one drinking coffee and you just want one cup, however, it’s not convenient to brew coffee in a regular coffee maker.  That’s where a single cup coffee brewer comes in handy.  It’s so quick and easy to brew a fresh, aroma filled cup of coffee!

Not only are the single cup brewers easy to use, but coffee pods come in so many different flavors that one can have an assortment of flavors at their fingertips.   I think a Breakfast Blend would be good for the morning, and then in the afternoon maybe have a Hazelnut Creme or Vanilla Creme Brulee.   That would be a nice treat to combat the drowsiness that happens many times after lunch.

Another convenience with the single cup brewers is that they don’t take up much space.  In fact, I was talking to a teacher recently who said she keeps a small single cup coffee brewer in her classroom.  In the afternoon when she starts feeling sleepy, she goes and makes a quick cup of coffee to give her the energy she needs to make it through the rest of the day.  And a co-worker of hers will also come in to get a cup of coffee to invigorate her for the rest of the day as well.  There’s just something about having a freshly brewed cup of coffee that is energizing!


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  1. Hmm, a single cup coffee brewer sounds interesting. Perfect for that quick coffee break at work. 🙂

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