Do you make lists of things to do, things to buy, things not to forget?  I definitely do!  I am such a list person and our daughter is too.  I have several lists going right now such as what I need to do this week, places I need (or want) to shop, what housework needs to get done here at home before school starts, what school work need to get done here at the house before school starts, etc.

I can imagine that a man’s list would include work in the yard and helping out around the house.  His shopping list might include auto care supplies and if he smoked then maybe a pack of Backwoods cigars.  I can also imagine that a man’s list would be shorter and he would not have as many lists.  Maybe that’s because women are known for multitasking a lot, and they need lists to help stay organized with the myriad of things on their lists.  Just a thought.

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