Even though we have new computers in the new wing of our school, we have had so many technical problems.  It’s amazing to me that we have as many problems as we do with our computers and printers.  And yesterday, I had an educational DVD freeze up while we were trying to watch it.  Very frustrating!

Some people have had trouble with a virus on their computers and have lost data.  Now that’s really frustrating!  Maybe they need a virus scanner or something to prevent that from happening in the future, but the damage has already been done as far as data lost.

I had trouble with my old computer crashing or freezing up, but our son was able to find a really good deal on a great Dell laptop at a computer auction from a highly reliable source.  What a blessing!!  It’s wonderful to be able to do what I need to do and not have my computer crash a couple of times or even more.  It was getting so bad the last week I had my old computer that it would crash within the first five minutes.  Extremely frustrating!!

Computers!  What would we do without them.  We depend on them so much, and they’re great when they’re working like they’re supposed to.  But when they don’t, it can be very frustrating!

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