Menu Plan Monday 10/22/12

I still haven’t made a pumpkin pie, but I did make Pumpkin Custard, which only takes five minutes to mix together.  It’s not a fast recipe because it has to bake for one hour, but it’s worth the wait!  It’s a lot healthier than pumpkin pie because it has much less fat, only two eggs, 3/4 cup of low-fat milk, and only 1/4 cup of sugar plus KAL Stevia.  I used restraint and kept myself from eating half of it and only ate a third (it’s so good when it’s warm) and felt good about getting a good amount of natural vitamin A and other nutrients in the pumpkin.  🙂

Please continue to remember all the homeless people in your prayers and help with food if you can.  Like I mentioned before, someone once asked me, “What if they’re scamming?” My reply was, “But what if they’re not and they really need it.” We never know how something we do for others could affect their lives.
Here are some more dessert recipes for the upcoming holiday season:

Menu for this week:
MondayChicken Tortilla Soup

Tuesday:  Catered supper at school (We have to stay late until 7:30 so they’re feeding us.  Yay!)

Wednesday:  Leftovers from Monday

Thursday:  Bring something in (maybe chicken tenders)

Friday:  Pizza, salad

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