My bike sits in a corner of the garage and hasn’t been ridden in literally years.   I haven’t forgotten that I have it because I see it every day in the garage when I get in my car to go to work.  However, I have forgotten about riding it!  I really need to get it out after school is out and ride it (after airing up the tires, I’m sure…unless they’ve been flat for so long that I need to get new tires).

Our daughter and s-i-l and their boys all have bikes.  And so does our son.  I don’t know if they’ve thought of anything like kuat racks, but I do know they go riding in the park from time to time.  It’s great exercise and it’s fun!  So why am I not riding my bike?  Good question!

Having a House Built

A friend of mine and her husband had their house built several years ago.  They wanted specific things in their house such as Pella brand windows from a place such as Pella Virginia, only I think they bought them locally.   Although it took a lot of time (understatement), they had their dream home like they wanted…at least they thought they did.  After living there for a little while, they realized there were several things they wished they had done differently.  But some things, like having Pella windows put in, they were so glad they had done.

Final Stages of Wedding Planning

Our son and future daughter-in-law are in the final stages of planning their June wedding.  They have just about everything planned and have very little left to do.  They looked at rings a while back and decided what they wanted.  I don’t know if they looked at cobalt rings, but I do know they chose really nice rings.

One of the things left to do is our son making his decision on the groom’s cake.  I still think he needs to have a “Yoshi” (a Super Mario Nintendo character) cake.  Yoshi has always been his favorite, and anyone who has played video games with him knows that.  So, it will be interesting to see what kind of groom’s cake he chooses.

Band Memories

Our son is graduating from college this week which brings back memories of his school years, especially being in band.  He was in band from sixth grade through his second year in college and then for two years in a percussion ensemble.  I remember all the football games with the band playing at half time and the color guard flags decorating the field.  Then there were all the many band competitions and a parade or two every year.  We have so many wonderful memories!

Not Listless

So much to do and so little time!  Have you ever felt that way?  I have several lists going right now.  One for school, one for errands, one for day-to-day stuff, one for our son’s graduation party, one for our son’s wedding, one for the rehearsal dinner, etc.   Another list is a shopping list for everything else (not literally everything – I don’t have ceramic rods on my list).   My husband would tell me that I’m not listless.  Haha!  Hope you got the humor!

Looking Back

Time passes so fast, and things that are regular events suddenly become memories.  I was just thinking about all the many times we went to high school football games, mainly to watch our son play with the band at half time.  We would sit on aluminum benches and would enjoy the half time show every time.  We went to many band competitions, band meetings, SOS meetings (Save Our Seniors) graduation night planning meetings, etc.  Such a busy time, those four years!  Lots of wonderful memories!