Band Memories

Our son is graduating from college this week which brings back memories of his school years, especially being in band.  He was in band from sixth grade through his second year in college and then for two years in a percussion ensemble.  I remember all the football games with the band playing at half time and the color guard flags decorating the field.  Then there were all the many band competitions and a parade or two every year.  We have so many wonderful memories!

Not Listless

So much to do and so little time!  Have you ever felt that way?  I have several lists going right now.  One for school, one for errands, one for day-to-day stuff, one for our son’s graduation party, one for our son’s wedding, one for the rehearsal dinner, etc.   Another list is a shopping list for everything else (not literally everything – I don’t have ceramic rods on my list).   My husband would tell me that I’m not listless.  Haha!  Hope you got the humor!

Looking Back

Time passes so fast, and things that are regular events suddenly become memories.  I was just thinking about all the many times we went to high school football games, mainly to watch our son play with the band at half time.  We would sit on aluminum benches and would enjoy the half time show every time.  We went to many band competitions, band meetings, SOS meetings (Save Our Seniors) graduation night planning meetings, etc.  Such a busy time, those four years!  Lots of wonderful memories!

Cooler Weather

Love this cooler weather we’re having.  It reminds me of being in the Rocky Mountains (wish I was there right now).  I just checked the temperature at Estes Park, Colorado, and right now it’s 26 degrees.  Brrr!!!  That means a warm jacket like the kind they have at north face womens and other places would feel good.  Add a cup of some really good hot chocolate and a warm, cozy campfire with family and friends , and that’s my kind of day.

Our Daughter’s Due Date

I am so excited about having another grandchild to love!  For those of you who don’t know, our daughter and son-in-law have two precious little boys, J who just turned five and C who is three and a half.  Now, baby sister is soon to arrive.  Maternity Pants won’t be needed much longer for Christi, and I’m so glad.

For those of you who already know the joys of being a “grandma,” you totally understand the excitement.  I cannot wait to hold that precious little baby in my arms.  Babies are such a blessing!

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope all of our family and friends have a wonderful 4th of July! How do you like our centerpiece? Thanks to our son’s girlfriend who brought us the candles and flags when they visited us on Saturday to attend Celebrate Freedom at South Fork Ranch (yes, that’s the ranch where the popular TV show “Dallas” was filmed back in the 80’s).

I used a small frog (the kind for flowers) inside a small stemmed glass to hold the flags, and I found one small flag that we already had which I added to the arrangement.  Looks very patriotic!

Band Memories

Our son has been in band since sixth grade, and now he’s going to be a senior in college. For many years, we heard things like our son saying, “I need new drumsticks” or another band member might say, “I need Vandoren Reeds.”   The high school years were so busy with before school practices, after school practices, football games, parades, and many competitions in the fall.  Once our son was in college, though, things came to a stop.  We got to see a college football game (and enjoyed half time immensely), and now that he’s in a percussion group we’ve gotten to see two or three of his programs.  Great band memories!

What to Give for a Gift?

My mother-in-law’s birthday is this summer, and I’ve been thinking about what she would like and really enjoy.  I looked at Gift baskets here and thought about flowers, too.  As far as gift items, it’s really hard to think of anything else that we haven’t already given her.  Maybe my husband can think of something that she actually needs, and I know she would like that.  If he doesn’t know of anything then I’ll have to put on my thinking cap and so some more thinking!


There’s just something about the sound of guitar music that’s so appealing.  That’s one thing that attracted me to my husband when we first met.  He is very talented on the acoustic guitar plus he has a beautiful singing voice.  As of now, he has two guitars, but did have one more which he gave away years ago to someone who needed one.   He’s never had electric guitars such as dean guitars, only acoustic.  There’s something about the sound of his Alvarez acoustic guitar that I really like.  I guess it’s my favorite guitar of all that he’s had.