“Pink for the Cure” – Susan G. Komen

The Breast Cancer SiteI had a friend die of breast cancer and leave behind three children, the oldest was our daughter’s age, and the youngest had just celebrated her third birthday. I can remember having them over when their daughter was a tiny baby, and we were all focused on the joy of having a newborn. Little did I know that years later I would do the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” in her memory.  There is something I can do now, too, and that’s participate in “Pink for the Cure.”

I have several friends who are breast cancer survivors, and they all know that breast cancer research is so important! We can all do our part to help further this research. This month, there are several companies that have “Pink for the Cure” on their packaging and will donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. Also, you can go to 3 Day Mom for more info.
Here are some of the “Pink for the Cure” packages in the stores:

*Argo Corn Starch

*Betty Crocker – Hamburger Helper, Cookie Mix

*Energizer Batteries
*Fleischmann’s Yeast

*General Mills – Cheerios, Total Raisin Bran

*Green Giant Vegetables

*Karo Syrup

*Mazola Pure Cooking Spray

*Northland Cranberry Juice

*One A Day Women’s Vitamins
*Pillsbury- Crescent Rolls & Grands Sweet Rolls

*Progresso Soup

*Spice Island Pure Vanilla

*Thomas Kinkade “Angel of Hope”

*Viva Paper Towels

*Yoplait Yogurt

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