Our Table

When our daughter’s sister-in-law did a study abroad semester at Oxford this past spring, she kept a blog of her experiences there. I remember her last entry. She wrote how she would miss her little kitchen table where she would eat, study, have a cup of tea, and look out the window and watch what was happening outside. When I think of our dining table, I remember so many happy times at that table. I remember bunches of high school kids (and then later college students) being crowded around it to eat and all of us enjoying our meal together. I remember when my parents were alive and eating together at that table. I remember all the birthday parties and all the holidays, when it was decorated for whatever the occasion. It’s just a table, but tables can hold so many memories. There are all kinds of tables… pool tables, ping pong tables, poker tables, etc., but my favorite is our dining room table.

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