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If you notice on my sidebar, I have a box about breast cancer.  I would appreciate if you visit that site every time you visit my site.  That will take you to the Breast Cancer Site where it’s free to help sponsor those who can not afford mammograms.

Probably most of you know one person or maybe several women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.  I lost a friend, who had three children, to breast cancer 16 years ago.  I have several friends who are breast cancer survivors, and we thank God for that!

I had a breast cancer scare 15 years ago, had surgical biopsy done, and it turned out to be a non-malignant tumor.  Again, I thank God!  I am in a higher risk category because of that, and so I have my mamograms done every year.  Several years I’ve had to have an additional sonogram.  Last year, I had another scare and thought I was going to need to have another surgical biopsy, but it turned out OK and I didn’t have to have one.  (but that was after 10 weeks, four doctor visits, a mammogram, sonogram, and new digital mammogram)

So again, please visit this site, and I want to stress the importance of every woman having regular mammograms.  They do catch cancer early while it’s treatable!

The Breast Cancer Site

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