Moving Long Distance

Do you have any friends or family who are Moving Overseas?  In the past, we’ve had several friends who have moved overseas, one family moved to Germany and some other friends moved to Japan.  I can’t imagine moving that far away!  There is so much involved in moving anyway, and moving that distance seems like it would be even more involved.

Our friends probably chose from some Long Distance Moving Companies to move all of their things.  How would you pack delicate items and things you wouldn’t want to lose?  China and crystal would have to be carefully packed as well as any sentimental items.  Both families had kids, so there were all the things you need for kids that had to be packed.  Packing would have to be done in an organized manner in order to find necessary things once everything was unpacked in the new location.  I would definitely want movers who were experts in the field!

Note:  This is a sponsored post.

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