Solar Power

Wow!  It has been so cold this past week here in Texas!  I wore layers of clothing plus a light coat in my classroom every day.  I kept a thermometer on my desk, which is close to the windows, and it averaged around 67-68 degrees most of the day.  No wonder I was cold!  We keep it warmer than that at home, or at least when I’m home.  If my husband is the only one home then he keeps it at 65 during the day.  We keep it at 65 every night.  Even though we’ve been trying to cut costs, I’m wondering how high our electricity bill is going to be.  That makes me think about checking out a Home Solar Power System.

I’m not familiar with a solar lease, but it would be worth checking into if it’s going to save us on our electricity.  I’ve read that solar financing is available as well, so that’s something to research.  It would be nice to be able to save on utilities!

Note:  This is a sponsored post.

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