Outdoor Temperatures are Extreme!

This heat wave all across the country is something else!  We have an outdoor thermometer which we’ll check to see how hot it is outside here in north central Texas. Looking at the weather forecast online, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for cooler weather. We’ve had 40 straight days of 100 degrees and over in the DFW area, and we’re about to break the record and move to the number one spot for the number of consecutive days over 100. Many of the days have been 104, 105, etc., even up to 109!  Whenever the temperature does get below 100 degrees, we won’t know what to think.  We might think a cool front is passing through!

One thought on “Outdoor Temperatures are Extreme!

  1. I think we all wish/want for what we don’t have. It’s actually been chilly enough in the mornings here this past week, I’ve had my portable heater on. Hope you have a great weekend.

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