“Fairy Hobmother” Visit! Be Sure to Comment!

Guess who visited me!  The “Fairy Hobmother!”  And your blog might get a visit, too, if you leave a comment here on this post.   In fact, I left a comment at Frugal Novice earlier this month, and less than two weeks later I got a visit.  Why is this so exciting?  It’s because the Fairy Hobmother comes all the way from the UK at Appliances Online to visit bloggers and also give them an Amazon gift card!  How exciting is that!!

Appliances Online sells freezers and other appliances plus has been visiting a lot of bloggers and leaving them a nice present.  So, if you haven’t been visited by the Fairy Hobmother then leave a comment here (and include your URL so you’re easy to find), and there’s a good chance you will be visited too!

3 thoughts on ““Fairy Hobmother” Visit! Be Sure to Comment!

  1. Well, this is very exciting! We finally got our new stove installed and it sure would look good next to a new refrigerator! I will check out Appliances Online. Thanks for the heads up, Charla.

  2. This is pretty awesome. I hope I get a visit too – some sort of extra gift would be nice in this economy. Especially Amazon – that’s probably my favorite website!

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