Pei Wei Calories

We love to eat at Pei Wei, and our whole family does as well as many of our friends.  If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s nice to know that you can figure out the calories beforehand by going to their Pei Wei Nutrition Information site.  I really like their lettuce wraps with chicken, and the sauce only has 70 calories.  (I would have guessed a lot more)  That’s nice to know.

I am definitely trying to lose weight after going to try on dresses for our son’s wedding this summer.  Oh my!!  Those holiday goodies are still with me so I really really need to lose five to ten pounds.  It’s so easy to walk in my closet and pull out my looser fitting clothes to wear to work.  But going to try on clothes made me determined to lose weight!  I’ll try to keep you posted how I do.

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