It’s so hard being a teenager or young adult and not knowing which acne products work and which do not.  And just because a person thinks they outgrow acne doesn’t mean they won’t get an occasional pimple (or zit) from time to time.  As women’s hormones change, they are particularly susceptible to getting one of those unwanted pimples on their face.  I guess acne is something we just have to live with!

Acne, Zits, or Pimples?

How do you refer to acne?  When I was growing up, we always referred to acne as “pimples.”  If I remember correctly, when our daughter was in high school we also called them “zits.”  Well, whatever term is used, acne is aggravating and hard to clear up at times.  Some people like to use a natural acne treatment to help clear up their skin.  And good hygiene, a healthy diet, and enough sleep is always important!