This is So Cool!

If you live in Charter’s serviceable area, here’s a chance to register and win a Nintendo® Wii. The neat thing is that this game system is fun for all ages, young children through grandparents. We have one, and it is an awesome game system. Of all the systems we’ve had through the years, this is our favorite. The game is displayed on TV so that everyone in the room can see what’s going on. There are interactive sports games that come with it that are a lot of fun. The bowling, for instance, feels almost like real bowling, only with an imaginary ball. There are so many neat games that you can buy, one of my favorite being Big Brain Academy which is an educational game that exercises the brain, yet seems like a really fun game. Now, have I sold you on it if you don’t have one?

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! The winner will receive the Nintendo® Wii Console and Stand, five Sports games, two controllers (a Remote Controller and a Nunchuk Controller), a Sensor bar, an AC Adapter, and an AV Cable. That’s everything needed to play!

Not only can registrants have a chance to win a Nintendo® Wii, but there’s also an auction where they can bid on Charter High-Speed Internet for life. The bidding starts at $10, and the only requirements are that the registrant lives in an area serviceable by Charter and can receive Charter High-Speed Internet service. So register now to win a great game system that provides many hours of great family and friend time.