I Did It! I Went to “Black Friday” Sales for the First Time!

Well, I actually went to the super early Black Friday sales with our daughter and her friend, who has never been shopping early on Black Friday either. “C” was the only experienced one of the three of us. I got up at 3:30 a.m. (that is crazy!) and got ready. “C” and her friend went to Kohl’s first for the 4 a.m. opening so her friend could get a Kitchenaid Mixer on sale for $129 (regularly $250) plus a $40 Kohl’s gift card which made the mixer end up costing $89. That was definitely worth getting up for during the wee hours of the morning. Then they came and got me.

We got to Circuit City and the line was really long. It was fun talking in line, though, and the wait went by fast. Once the store opened at 5 a.m., we had a plan. “C” went to one side of the store, and her friend and I looked on the other side for the SanDisk SD Cards and Flash Drives for $7.99. We got our items, got in line, and then “C” joined us. We were fast and efficient.

After that, we headed for Super-Target which opened at 6 a.m. We stood in line there for 30 minutes, and it was colder there due to wind chill. I found a new ThermaCare heating pad in my coat pocket, so I opened it up so we could use it to warm our hands. We laughed about how it was like our little campfire and we were huddled around it to keep our hands warm. (and yes, we did all have on gloves) We got into Target and, again, were fast and efficient in finding everything. I was so excited, though, because I found one thing that wasn’t even on sale. It’s something I’ve been looking for and finally found: Pat the Bunny book for Baby J.( Our daughter, “C”, had that very same book when she was a baby, her brother used it when he was a baby, and I wanted our grandson to have it.)

After Target, we went to Old Navy where “C” found the cutest little long-sleeved onsie for Baby J that says, “Baby’s First Christmas” on it plus a darling little hat for him. Both were items that she has been wanting but couldn’t find where they live.

We ended our shopping excursion driving through Chick-Fil-A’s drive-through to get Breakfast Chicken Mini’s and their special where you buy a $20 Chick-Fil-A gift card and receive their $5 calendar/with coupons for free.

So…would I do this again? Yes, but only if my daughter came and picked me up! LOL (I would not go by myself!) We had a very positive experience and did not encounter any rude people. Everyone waited their turn. We got a lot of great bargains, but the best part was just the simple fun of being together…”together on a mission” as my daughter would say. 🙂