Helps Improve SAT Scores and Grades

Brightstorm helps high school students improve their grades and their test scores on the SAT.  Using online video courses, creative teachers present the material in a clear manner and highlight key information.  This makes it easier for students to understand the subject mattter.  Study guides, practice problems, and interactive quizzes guide them through their homework so they will be ready for the SAT or a test in the classroom.

There is no cost for registration and no credit card is necessary.  After registering, students can sample 19 courses free before they make a decision on which teacher-created courses to purchase.  What’s really neat is that students can choose which teacher they like.  They go at their own pace, choose their own order, fill in gaps in their knowledge, and master critical concepts.  Sounds like a great program to me!

At Brightstorm, “Great learning starts with great teaching.”

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