Making Healthy Choices

Many people are health conscious nowadays.  They take vitamins and supplements, try to eat healthier, try to get more exercise, and try to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Some might even do a colon cleanse such as the dr. schulze program.  More and more people are eating organic foods and opting for a more natural diet by eating less processed food and less fast food.  Some even grow their own food, thereby making sure it is the most natural and pesticide-free food they can eat.  If you’re wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, then start out with one or two healthy changes in your life and gradually add in more.  That way, these changes will become a habit instead of a short term change.

Don’t Forget to Clean Inside

One thing that really bothers me is breathing the fumes from cars and other vehicles. Our AC/heat system in the van has a button to push to recirculate the inside air so that outside air is not being pulled inside the van. The only thing is that the button has to be pushed each time the vehicle is used, and sometimes I forget…until I’m in a line of traffic waiting at a red light. Then I start to smell the fumes. Just think of all the toxins we get everyday from fumes, pesticides on our foods, added hormones in our meat and even the toiletries we use. Some people like to help eliminate the toxins in their body by using various methods such as a colon cleanse. Drinking lots of water every day is something we should all do to help eliminate some toxins. Eating fiber every day helps, too. We need to clean the inside of our body just like we clean the filters on our AC/heat units and the filters on our clothes dryers. If we let all that stuff collect and never clean it, then we have problems!