Dream Cars

What is your dream car?  I remember when I was in high school, a friend’s older sister had a convertible.  I thought that was a dream car!  We thought it was the coolest thing to go driving down the boulevard with our friend’s sister in her convertible, usually on a Sunday night.  It was summer time, and it felt great to have the top down.

Some people’s dream car is a corvette.  That is certainly an attention-getter car.  To make it unique and set apart from other corvettes, there are even Corvette body upgrades such as Corvette hoods or spoilers.  Are you surprised that I know what a spoiler is?  Actually, I didn’t.  I had to ask my husband and he showed me a picture of one on a website.  He explained how the spoiler actually helps the car because it’s aerodynamic.  It makes the car look cool, too.  And with a new Corvette exhaust system, there would be a significant gain in horsepower and that would help the car as well.  Now that would be a dream car to many people!