Pate Museum of Transportation

This museum is no longer open.

It was west of Ft. Worth, an awesome place to take kids, and a fun, educational trip for the whole family.
Mr. A. M. Pate, Jr., started the musem in 1969 with a small collection.  It grew through the years and acquired treasured antique cars, airplanes, a railway palace car, Army tanks, a Navy minesweeper, to name a few.

When we went, our son really liked the periscope and enjoyed looking through it to see what was outside.  That was one of his and his friends’ favorite parts.

Many senior citizens could take a walk down memory lane looking at some of the vehicles. The two rarest cars were a 1917 Premier (which is probably the only model of its kind in existence with a push-button transmission), and a 1904 Schacht, which looked like a horseless carriage.

It was a fun place for the whole family, no matter what their age.

Pictures by cmt2779 on Flickr