Have You Tested for Dyslexia?

I helped a friend’s son once who was in second grade and having problems. He should have been in third grade. I went to his classroom and worked with him one or two mornings a week and some days we would work out in the hall. I could tell he was having trouble processing info, so one day I talked with a counselor and told her there was something wrong with his processing skills and asked if he had been tested for dyslexia. They had given him other tests before, sent him to another place for further testing, and  thought his problem was mostly behavioral. I explained to the counselor that I had worked for six years as a Resource Room teacher and knew something was wrong. I talked to his mom about the possibility of dyslexia, she requested dyslexia testing, they tested him, and the test showed that he was dyslexic. Now he goes to a dyslexia class every day.