New E-Book: Paid to Write

Paid to Write is a new E-Book that explains how, with absolutely no money required, you can make money from writing assignments.   The author, Alan (from Zero and Up), explains why writing is so profitable and what you need to do to get started.  He explains how to get organized, how to get set up to write, how to find clients, and how to negociate with them.  He gives other informative and helpful information as well.

This method earned Alan $100 in a single day multiple times.  It has greatly increased his freelance earnings.  If you would like to learn the strategies involved in this method, just simply leave a comment on this post, and I will forward the information.

I have read Alan’s E-book, Paid to Write, and it is clearly written and explains step-by-step what you need to do in order to start making money from writing as soon as the first week.  The price is $15 per E-book and is payable through PayPal.