Outdoor Cooking

Someday I would like to fix up our back deck with an outdoor electric grill for outdoor cooking, comfy outdoor furniture, and several new potted plants.  However, now that we don’t have young kids at home, I wonder how much time we would actually spend outside.  When our kids were little, we were outside every day.  You know how that is.  But now that our youngest is in college, I don’t spend much time in our yard.  I’m inside working on the computer instead, and besides, it’s so hot in Texas during the summer.  Maybe, though, if we had a grill then we would spend more time outside during the spring and fall.

Cooking Out on the Grill

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and many people will probably be cooking out on the grill, whether it’s an electric grill, gas grill, or maybe even a little hibachi grill.  I have a feeling that our daughter and son-in-law will probably be cooking out hamburgers and hot dogs.  We haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet, but I can imagine it might be hamburgers.  We don’t eat beef that often, so it’s a treat when we do.