Four Foods On Friday 44

Here are this week’s four questions. They’re about potatoes.

#1. Potato Chips. What kind of chips are your favorite?

I rarely eat potato chips anymore.  My favorite kind, though, would be kettle chips.

#2. What’s your favorite thing to dip chips in?

For potato chips it would be French Onion Dip.
#3. What’s your favorite way to eat a baked potato?

My favorite way in a restaurant would be with everything on it.  At home, I usually have it with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.  That’s really good, too.
#4. How do you make mashed potatoes?

I don’t make them the traditional way.  I used to microwave the potatoes first, but now that my doctor says not to microwave foods, I’m thinking about steaming them first and, if I’m using organic potatoes, then use the skins too.  There was a restaurant that had delicious mashed potatoes that included the potato skins.  So that’s how I’m planning on making them.  (The reason that I don’t want to boil them is that most of the vitamins end up in the water that is poured off.)