Four Foods On Friday 57

I’m posting early this week because of Thanksgiving:

#1. What’s your favorite carbonated beverage?

Hmmm…I’m a big tea drinker and rarely drink carbonated drinks.  But when I do, I drink either Coke (because that’s what my family drinks) or Dr. Pepper.  Every once in a while we have Root Beer.
#2. What’s your favorite spicy food?

That’s hard to name just one!  It’s a tie, depending on what I have a taste for:  Enchiladas & Queso
#3. How do you handle hot dishes? Oven mitt, pot holder, towel?

Usually a pot holder.
#4. Ice cream. How do you like yours?

With warm pie underneath it….LOL  🙂   During the summer, I like it in a banana split with fresh strawberries, nuts, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top.