Four Foods On Friday 73

I know it’s not Friday, but I just received this today for last Friday.  So here goes:

#1. Sarafina’s suggestion. How far would you be willing to travel to satisfy a food craving?

Maybe 20 minutes.
#2. Have you ever eaten rabbit? What did you think?

No, and I don’t want to!!
#3. Have you ever made your own bread? How?

No, if I want fresh bread then I buy it from Central Market’s bakery.  But we really don’t eat a whole lot of bread except for Ezekiel Bread.
#4. Where do you usually spend Easter and what do you usually eat?

We go to church on Sunday morning and have a family tradition of going to eat Asian food at Pei Wei.  The place is not crowded at all on Easter.  (We are so busy on Easter weekend with LTC youth group activities which involves Friday afternoon and evening and the majority of Saturday from early in the morning until evening, so I don’t even try to cook Easter dinner.)