Fiber – Great for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight?  Many consider fiber one of the best weight loss tools.  Not only does fiber fill up the tummy by absorbing many times its weight in water so that a person feels satisfied after eating, but it lowers cholesterol by soaking up the fat in our bodies.

Here are a few ideas to get added fiber in our diets:

  • Fiber One “Oats & Chocolate” bars – 9 grams of fiber per bar & tastes great (also comes in peanut butter and caramel flavors, but chocolate is my favorite)
  • Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal – 13 grams of fiber per serving & tastes good (also comes in Raisin Bran Clusters)
  • Fresh fruit salads (can be mixed with yogurt & topped with granola)
  • Add fiber to recipes (example: Ranger Cookies with added fiber)
  • Popcorn (great source of fiber)
  • Salads & veggies