Four Foods on Friday 22

From Val's Kitchen

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#1. What’s your favorite form of potatoes?

I guess my very favorite would be fried potatoes with onions, although we rarely have those because of the “fried” factor. A close second would be my “easy mashed potatoes” which are like a comfort food and yet healthy at the same time. I don’t have to feel guilty about eating them like I would the fried potatoes or mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cream.

#2. Pie crust. Premade or from scratch?

I loved my mother’s homemade pie crust. It was so delicate and flakey…so yummy. She passed away in 2000, so it’s been years since I’ve eaten her pies. (My friend, Michelle, makes the closest thing to my mother’s pie crusts that I’ve tasted.) I rarely make pies, but when I do, half the time I buy premade pie crust and half the time I make it from scratch.

#3. Vegetables. Fresh, frozen or canned?

Fresh, when in season. The majority of the time I buy frozen.

#4. What one dish do you wish you could prepare better?

I wish I could make pie crust exactly like my mother’s.