Four Foods On Friday 46

#1. Egg salad or deviled eggs. How do you prepare?

I haven’t made either of those in ages.  In the past, I made deviled eggs more than I made egg salad.  I would just boil the eggs, scoop out the yokes and mix with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and a little pickle juice.
#2. French fries. Do you make homemade or frozen?

Neither.  I used to do both, but now we only have french fries occassionally when we eat out somewhere.
#3. Gravy. What do you use – homemade, jar, can or from a package?

We rarely have gravy, mostly on holidays, and I’m not the one who makes the gravy.  I used to make it from a jar, can, or package, and sometimes I would make it from scratch using broth with the fat skimmed off, flour or cornstarch, salt, and pepper.

(I loved my mother’s giblet gravy she would make at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She would use the drippings off the turkey, thicken it, add giblets and chopped hard-boiled eggs.  So good!!  My mother passed away in 2000, so I haven’t had her gravy in 10 or more years.)
#4. Share a recipe for a hot (temperature, not spice) dish.

Easy Chicken Chow Mein