Four Foods On Friday 58

#1.  Does your family usually eat meals in the kitchen or somewhere else?

We always eat in the kitchen.  It’s nice having one meal a day where we’re all together.

#2.  Who usually does the dishes in your house?

Me and the dishwasher.  I wash the pots and pans and the dishwasher does the rest!
#3.  What’s your favorite small appliance or tool in the kitchen?

Hmmm…depends on what I’m making.  I like all my appliances.  My favorite tools would probably be my “Come-apart Kitchen Shears” and my avocado slicer.
#4. This one’s for my son. Share a recipe for chili.

I don’t have a recipe for chili, but I would like chili made with turkey.  I found this recipe that sounds good:

Simple Turkey Chili