GPS Directions Were Right!


If you have never experienced a GPS, they’re great!   Our GPS has saved us from getting lost on trips, vacations, and just trying to find someone’s house.  Once we were in downtown Denver (I live in Texas), and it directed us through all the one-way streets to get to Hard Rock Cafe (our daughter wanted a T-shirt from there.)

Recently, I went with a couple of girlfriends to a Ladies Retreat at a really neat ranch & retreat.  We had printed directions and were going by that.  My friend had her GPS turned on, though, and it was giving us conflicting directions.  After we drove around for a while not being able to find our destination, we stopped and asked directions.  Turns out her GPS was right and our directions were giving us the wrong street!

I don’t know if my friend had a Garmin GPS, but we wished we had listened to her GPS in the first place.  Then we wouldn’t have gotten lost!  (However, we do have a good story to laugh about now!)

Traveling is Great With a GPS

We’ve been on several vacations throughout the past few years, and my husband would rely on our laptop GPS to navigate, especially when we would go downtown into the big cities.  It really came in handy when we were in downtown Chicago and also once when we were in downtown Denver looking for a certain restaurant.  It has come in handy and saved us from the frustration of getting lost countless times because my husband would plan our route ahead of time.  If you don’t have a GPS, then you check out Garmin GPS and the savings at