GMO (Genetically Modified) Seeds and Biotechnology – Concerning Info

The more articles I read on GMO seeds, the more concerned I am.  Our food supply is affected without most people’s knowledge of what is happening.   How the DNA of the food grown from GMO seeds interacts with human DNA is yet to be seen.  Researchers are questioning and researching the safety of such food.  It is very concerning what huge companies can do and how they can have a negative impact on the world situation, all for their own benefit.

My post, Something’s Wrong Here, reveals how many countries in Europe are very concerned about foods containing GMO products.  They seem to be more informed than we are.

My first post about GMO foods, Organic Info, contains information about Jeff Cox’s book, The Organic Food Shopper’s Guide, which opened my eyes to the dangers of GMO foods.  He has facts about GMO foods that are a little scary.

If you would like to understand more about GMO seeds and how they affect the world then I highly suggest reading these two posts from Lofty Matters.  It won’t take up much of your time, but these two posts will give you a great summary of the situation:

Exploring GMO Seeds and Biotechnology – Part 1

Exploring GMO Seeds and Biotechnology – Part 2