Relief for Hemroids

Many women have noticed that when they are pregnant, they experience all sorts of things they have not experienced otherwise.  It’s not just the food cravings and the emotional sensitivity.  It’s also things like spider veins on their legs or maybe hemorrhoids.   The latter one, the hemroids, can be very uncomfortable and painful and make one think, “I need relief and fast!”  Of course, it’s not just pregnant women who experience this unpleasant condition, but they are definitely prone to this happening with all the extra weight they are carrying.

Hemroids, or hemorrhoids as the medical field calls them, are caused by inflammation and swelling of veins that can be external or internal.  It is a very common condition that affects millions of people, mostly people over age 50.  And, as I mentioned, pregnant women can be prone to hemorrhoids.

So, pregnant women are definitely susceptible to getting these painful and annoying hemorrhoids.  Some  get them during childbirth during the second stage of labor.   What are some things that help?  One tip is that cold ice packs applied several times a day can help ease the symptoms.  Some use witch hazel to help soothe the affected area. Another tip is  to use white, unscented toilet paper. Whatever the cause of the hemorrhoids, women should always consult their doctor first before using any medication.