Thanksgiving Decorations for the Whole Family to Make Together


It’s fun to work together as a family on a project. When our son was in kindergarten, he had a homework assignment: the whole family had to decorate this white cardboard, cut-out turkey shape that was about ten inches tall. So all of us, even teenage sister and dad helped to decorate the turkey, coloring it with markers, gluing on ribbon, odds and ends of stuff out of my sewing box, colored cereal, and small pieces of old jewelry. We had so much fun! Years and years later, we still have that turkey and he’s always a part of our Thanksgiving decorations. And the funny thing is that the cereal is still on there. LOL

My friend, Wanda, over at used to be an art teacher, and you can tell because she is so creative. Here’s a neat idea she has for making a homemade centerpiece that everyone in the family can help make. This would be something that you could save and use from year to year by storing it in a box in the attic. Just click here .

When I used to teach first grade, we would make a great big turkey mural out in the hallway every year. It made the bland wall come alive. I would have the kids trace around their hands on different colors of construction paper (red, orange, purple, yellow, brown, and some green). I had a turkey head that I used every year and would just make a new body for it every year with all of the hand cut-outs. This idea could make a neat door decoration at home, too.