How to Care for Suits

These instructions, given by the sales lady, came with one of my husband’s suits one time:

  1. Give clothing a rest, wear only once per week.  (Hmmm…how many suits would be needed for work?)
  2. Don’t over dry clean, once a season is usually sufficient.  Just spot clean when necessary.  (I know we did dry clean one of my husband’s suits several times a season, and the suit didn’t last as long.)
  3. Brush clothing after each wearing to clean surfaces and eliminate wrinkles.
  4. Air out clothing after each wearing by letting garment hang outside the closet.
  5. Trousers should be hung by the cuff with the belt in.  The weight of waistband, belt, zipper, etc., will help maintain crease and eliminate wrinkles.
  6. Coat should be hung on a thick, quality hanger to maintain shoulders, never on a metal hanger.
  7. Always hang coat on hanger where possible, avoid placing on back of chair.
  8. Always smile…just makes you look and feel good.