How Healthy Are You Financially?


How healthy are you when it comes to the area of financial health?  Not sure?  Then take “Bills IQ” and check out your overall financial health. Even if you are sure, it’s still good to check out your BillsIQ. They have a lot of good ways to improve your financial score.

There are a lot of reasons people get in a financial bind.  Losing jobs, changing jobs, illness, high medical bills, buying a home on the high end of the amount they qualified for, being self-employeed and having more business expenses than they expected, and the list goes on and on.   We owned our own business for three years and can relate to being self-employeed and having a large amount of expenses such as rent on our business location going up, high utility bills, insurance going up, etc.  We used Debt consolidation when we closed our business after three years so that we wouldn’t have to go bankrupt. We were able to pay off our business debt in several years. It was such a wonderful feeling when we did that!

If you or someone you know needs Debt relief, consider as a source of Debt help.  They have much help to offer in these areas: